Riping an learning to drive L plate after test passed

Driving lessons

Advantages of learning how to drive a manual car Some of the advantages of driving a manual vehicle are:

  • Control the vehicle through gear usage rather than the brakes.
  • Better fuel economy (if driven correctly).
  • Cheaper in purchase price and repair cost.
  • It is easier to control your speed, especially on a downhill situation (keeping in a lower gear)
  • If you know how to drive a manual vehicle, you can drive any vehicle.

Learning to drive an automatic car is a popular choice

  • A shorter time to learn to drive
  • No stalling
  • No gears
  • It makes learning to drive easier, particularly for older or disabled people
  • More confidence. Not stalling or rolling back on hills
  • Less distraction ‐ no clutch or gear lever to coordinate
  • Less tiring
  • Less cost ‐ need less lessons than manual