The Test

On-Road Driving

The on-road part of the test will last approximately one hour, and will include a wide variety of roads and traffic conditions. You will be expected to demonstrate that you can move off smoothly and safely both uphill and downhill, and move off normally from the side of the road and at an angle.

There will be a period of 10-12 mins of independent driving where the examiner can either ask you to follow signs to a given destination (e.g. follow signs for the hospital etc.) or ask you to follow a set of simple instructions (e.g. turn left at the end of the road, then at the next roundabout turn right - the third exit, and then take the next road on the left) or show you a diagram to follow. You won’t fail your test if you don’t follow the instructions properly but you could end up putting yourself into a difficult situation to get yourself out of if you don’t follow them properly.

The On-Road Driving Section

You will have to demonstrate that you can safely: -